Our Pest Management Services

All Exterminating & Pest Control Services are highly regulated. However, each company decides the style of service, pesticides used and entire approach to the services that their company will offer. We have chosen as a family business to offer the exact services that we would feel comfortable with in our own homes. Therefore, we’ve adopted the “Integrated Pest Management Program”. Without going into a lot of detail what this means to you is that we use the minimal amount of pesticide required to eliminate the problem pests. We don’t use the maximum allowable by law. We attempt to eliminate the pests on the outside of the home BEFORE they get inside which allows us to limit or restrict the usage of pesticides inside the home until we have to come inside to deal with isolated issues as they arise. Our mindset is “less is best” as long as the pest problem is resolved which lends to a healthier air quality inside the home.

Our approach requires us to spend more time than just the industry standard of a “5 minute baseboard jockey” and our profit margins are far less. However we are in this for the long haul and this was the only way we would feel comfortable providing pest control as a service.

We offer the following services under the umbrella of Household Pest Control:

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