Alpharetta Pest Control

WELCOME to Southern Pest Management, your local North Georgia Pest Control company that was humbly started out of the garage of a Alpharetta, GA, (now Johns Creek) home! If it stings, bites, gnaws, or chews we can deal with it!

With our recent expansion into Pest Control Services, we are proud to offer a the same ethical services, stellar customer service & affordable prices that we have been providing within the wildlife industry for over a decade.

The Southern Wildlife & Southern Pest Family

We take the time to do a thorough inspection and assess your specific situation.  This allows us to determine the exact target pests and devise a strategy to get rid of them.  Our program will utilize habitat modifications & controls (biological & cultural, mechanical) with the right amount of pesticides in the proper locations to remedy the problem.  This approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  In other words, we look at the big picture and use the existing resources & tools combined with minimal pesticides to remedy the situation.  Following the IPM standards, all pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment.

All of our services can be tailored to suit any BUDGET & NEED.  Talk to us!  We offer typical household pest control services on a bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.

Call us: (678)935-5900.

– Why You Should Choose Us –

This is our family…

One of the main reasons we started this business is because we wanted to be passionate about what we do not just make a paycheck. And so on every job we take there is a partner there to ensure our exceptional standards are upheld.

We want happy customers…

And that is how we want to keep your business, not by forcing or coercing you in any way! We are transparent about our process, destroying all of your questions with our answers and we make sure you know what to expect.

We really do care…

We care about the environment within your home and without. Using all of our products with the best and safest techniques possible and not just hosing down the outside of your house with an excessive amount of pesticide in a hurry. In every situation, we allow ourselves enough time to do things the right and responsible way!

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